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Surya Mandir,Bundu

Surya Mandir,Bundu About 39 km. from Ranchi on Tata Road near Bundu, stands the elegant Sun Temple fashioned in the form of huge chariot with richly decorated 18 wheels (nine on each side) and seven life like horses ready to take off.

Chandil Dam,Chandil

Chandil Dam,Chandil Chandil Dam standing on the Subarnarekha River is a place of scenic beauty. This dam is one of the most visited places of jharkhand. The museum located close to the Chandil dam has scripts written on rocks,which are 2000 years old.

Dasam Fall,Bundu

Dasam Fall,Bundu The Dassam Falls (Hindi: दशम जलप्रपात) (also known as Dassam Ghagh) is a waterfall located near Taimara village in Bundu police station of Ranchi district in the Indian state of Jharkhand

About The temple

Maa dewri Mandir


Dewri Mandir is located in Tamar 60 km toward south from the capital of Jharkhand i.e. Ranchi. It is in the Tata-Ranchi Highway (NH33). It is a very old temple of Goddess Durga. The main attraction is that the idol is having 16 Hands (Normally Goddess Durga is having 8 Hands). The temple is very old and now renovation is going on. It is made up of big stone put one over other without any cementing material in between. Dedicated to Solha Bhuji Goddess, an avatar of Goddess Durga, Dewri Mandir temple is located little outside the main city of Ranchi. Spread over nearly 2 acres, this old temple in Ranchi also houses an idol of Lord Shiva here. Legend has it that whoever has tried to alter the structure of the temple has had to face the wrath of the gods and suffer consequences. Dewri Temple is also believed to be the only temple where 6 tribal priests, known as Pahans, perform rituals and offer prayers alongside the Brahmin priests. Soak yourself in the spiritually uplifting aura here! Located about 60 km from Ranchi, this temple is on the right side of the Ranchi-Tata road, toward the town of Tamar.